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{ Meet the six Australian Seeds of Change Accelerator grant recipients. }

Spiralz Fermented Foods

Fermented foods producer.
Tuggerah, NSW

All our food is created in our purpose-built raw food commercial kitchen and is organic, vegan, gluten, dairy and nut free.

We use traditional methods to ferment and add no starter culture or preservatives. Our products are sought after for their probiotic and gut healing benefits. There are nine flavours in the range and our product excels in taste and flavor.

Our goals for the next 12 months are to ensure we meet forecasted demand, introduce automation, undertake more R&D and increase brand awareness and distribution. We also want to explore export opportunities for our product.

Michelle Amor

Founder, Creator of all things food

Michelle always had a passion for creating food with great flavour and colour, but it was an unthinkable dream this passion might one day become a successful business.
Michelle’s GP recommended including fermented foods to improve gut and immune system health, so Michelle put her heart and soul into creating fermented foods she and her family could eat and enjoy every day.
Michelle began in a commercial kitchen attached to her home, but demand grew, and Spiralz now creates gourmet sauerkraut in a purpose-built commercial kitchen on the Central Coast.

Tracey Rochford

Sales, Accounts and Relationships

Tracey was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and given 2-7 years to recover. She was advised to eat fermented foods by the same GP as Michelle. Little did she know this was the beginning of her journey into the world of business and fermented foods.
Tracey’s hunt for a probiotic food that was palatable and possible to eat every day led her to discover Spiralz at a local Farmer’s Market. This chance meeting enabled Tracey and Michelle to share their passion for fermented food and join Michelle to open their fermentary.



Plant-based meat producer.
Brisbane, Qld

Fable’s story began with a vegetarian and two mushroom enthusiasts each on a journey to make meat-like products for plant lovers.

Seeking a delicious, minimally processed whole food and nutritious base for a meat alternative, they stumbled upon a wise mushroom expert who disclosed to them the ancient magic of the mushroom. Their amazing texture, umami flavours and ability to make an incredible base for creating delicious, meaty food were just some of the extraordinary things they discovered.

When you hear ‘plant-based meat’, it might conjure up images of fast food burgers but Fable is a canvas that allows so much more. Crafted for use in dishes like flavourful ragu, fragrant curries, or sumptuous slow braises Fable can easily replace pulled pork or beef brisket.

Fable’s goal is to create the most delicious, cleanest, most responsible plant-based meat products available.

Jim Fuller

Chief Science Officer

A BBQ loving Texan, Jim began his career as a fine dining chef for 10 years who, inspired by Heston Blumenthal’s molecular gastronomy movement, went on to study Chemical Engineering and Agricultural Science then has worked as a Mycologist (mushroom scientist) the last 12 years.

Chris McLoghlin

Chief Product Officer

Passionate about regenerative agriculture and the role fungi can play in growing and sustaining complex life and ecosystems, Chris co-founded Australia’s largest Certified Organic mushroom farm and has won both Young and Organic Farmer of the year awards.

Michael Fox

Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur and meat loving Queenslander who turned vegetarian 4 years ago. Michael wanted to combine his cravings for meat with his healthy home cooking habits to create a whole food based, minimally processed plant based meat. The result is Fable.



Plant-based cheese producer.
Melbourne, Vic

Grounded Foods specialises in plant-based food products using natural and environmentally sustainable ingredients.

Our first line of products, plant-based cheeses, use all-natural ingredients without preservatives or additives. They are lower in fat than traditional and vegan cheeses and allergen free.

We use the same cultures and processes involved in traditional cheese-making so they taste exactly like real specialty cheese such as Camembert and Roquefort.

We cannot find any brand in the world that has successfully addressed the demand for nut-free, vegan specialty cheeses. We have the recipes, the expertise, the marketing strategy and a track record of running our own (profitable) businesses.

Veronica Fil

Creator and Co-Founder

Veronica is a behavioural economist by trade and spent seven years as an economic advisor to Government before a health crisis pushed her to leave that life and pursue what she really loved – being around food.
Veronica has run her own food and beverage-focused marketing agency, helping small businesses recognise and adapt to trends in the market. In 2015 she met Shaun Quade and together they built the boundary pushing restaurant, Lume.
Veronica now provides the driving strategy behind the duo’s ‘free from’ food brand, Grounded.

Shaun Quade

Development Chef and Co-Founder

Considered one of Australia’s most innovative chefs, Shaun has gained international notoriety for his inventive and skilful approach to cooking. The two-hatted chef opened Lume at the age of 31.
Shaun’s name is synonymous with creativity. Dubbed a kitchen ‘wizard’ by media, he’s widely regarded for his ability to make food that’s ‘not what it seems’.
Shaun’s inspiration for Grounded came from his desire to modify recipes Veronica could eat without impacting her health, and without losing the quality of meals he’d serve in a restaurant setting.


Human Connection Project

Connecting humanity through food and conversation.
Brisbane, Qld

Human Connection Project is a multi-layered social enterprise which endeavours to make dinner time matter through education and facilitation.

The act of connecting over a shared meal has diminished over the years due to the influx of incredibly busy lifestyles and greater time constraints. From this human disconnection, we have seen an incredibly alarming increase in mental illness, in particular, the issue of suicide.

Human Connection Project is built on four defining pillars:

  1. Your Prep – a cooked meal kit delivery company, which provides ready to eat elements to make #dinnertimematter again, while producing wholesome food for all our community activations.
  2. Life Warriors – our charity arm of the enterprise facilitating educational programs for youth in regard to human connection and resilience.
  3. How Good’s Living – our community events sector running numerous events bringing communities together for movement, connection and of course shared meals.
  4. Human Connection – our new project app currently in development.

Matt Boyce

Founder and CEO

Matt is driven by an internal passion to create space for others to grow, flourish, harness potential and prosper through connection and development.
His goal is to break down the barriers for those suffering with depression and anxiety. In Australia each day approximately 200 mothers, fathers, sons, daughters or best friends attempt to take their own life. This statistic not only sickens Matt, but motivates the whole team at Your Prep to make a significant change.
At Human Connection Project we believe in hiring based on values rather than on qualifications. Skills can be learnt, however, we find values are ingrained within us. We are a family, we are not staff.
Great nutrition and genuine connection play an integral role in a happy mind, and Your Prep strives to create a connected and inspired future for all Australians.


Edible Bug Shop

Grower and manufacturer of products derived from insects.
Sydney, NSW

We are Australia’s first and largest commercial edible insect farm and insect manufacturer, growing a variety of insects including ants, crickets and meal worms.

For 12 years we have developed farming techniques allowing us to scale edible insect manufacturing like never before. We turn food waste normally destined for landfill into a nutritious superfood. Our technology means we can feed more people with less resources through our sustainable processes.

We are expanding and will soon be one of the largest edible insect farms in the world, providing a safe and nutritious Australian product.

We have developed our own ‘invisible’ insect ingredients manufacturers can use to enrich everyday food products, including powders, oils, pastes and a textured insect protein, and products including Australian flavours, protein powders, insect salts, whole roasted insects, teas, snacks and sweets.

Skye Blackburn


Skye is a food scientist and entomologist who established the farm in 2007. She has been a pioneer of the edible insect industry in Australia and helped educate consumers and food industry about this new food source.
Over 12 years Skye has developed robotic technology for use in insect farming in urban locations, has designed and implemented processes to extract nutritional ingredients from insects and formulated retail products using insect-based ingredients.
Her passion for providing a sustainable food future is contagious and, with the market finally catching up to her unique way of forward thinking, there are big things to come.





The Australian Superfood Co

Producer of native food products.
Oakleigh, Vic

We celebrate native Australian foods that have sustained Indigenous Australians for over 60,000 years and produce a unique range of food products richly infused with Australian native bush food.

By increasing awareness, accessibility and affordability of Australian Superfoods, we aim to increase demand and encourage their cultivation. We hope to enhance the respect for our Indigenous culture, promote the growth of Indigenous communities and foster the local food movement.

We have developed multiple products including native fruit powders, native herbs and spices, native fruit and herb extracts, paleo granolas, raw bars and superfood fruits.

Hayley Blieden

Founder, Chief Dietitian and Managing Director

Prior to founding The Australian Superfood Co, Hayley was a nutrition journalist and nutritionist at the North Melbourne Football Club.
She founded the company in 2015 after two years of research and product development. She then transformed the business from consumer foods into a major supplier to food and beverage manufacturers and consumers in Australia and overseas.
In 2017 Hayley won the Rising Star AusMumpreneur award and the inaugural Lions Den award at the
Fine Foods Expo in Sydney.

Ralph Wollner


Ralph is an experienced
company director, mentor and coach. He has sat on numerous boards, coached and mentored senior executives and is an Adjunct Professor at RMIT University.
Ralph spent 20 years in his family’s successful textile business and is a strong believer in family values and how they can be transferred to business.
Ralph believes in the work his codirector (and daughter) is doing and keen to see the business develop and grow with the same values he was brought up with and applied in his own business.
Ralph’s responsibilities include quality assurance, warehousing, finances and babysitting Hayley’s two children.